1 July - 31 December, 2016

Free shopping with a stylist

Contact a specialist for free consultation to refresh your image and get information what to buy to have something for each occasion in your wardrobe.

Check what suits you best and which colours are not for you. Don’t miss the opportunity and choose your meeting date!

A stylist in Port Łódź – meet the fashion advisor in the Centre!

Marcin is a new stylist in Port Łódź who won a competition organised by the Centre and beating several dozen of other people he received his dream job. Creativity, original approach to fashion and excellent familiarity with current trends are the features which distinguish him. Marcin writes a fashion blog for five years but he has always been interested in fashion. He will share his knowledge and experience with the customers of Port Łódź.

Fashion is Marcin’s way of life. It accompanies him every day. He writes about fashion on his authorial blog www.patsyhilton.pl. He treated his original styling as a possibility to distinguish himself and to show others something fresh and untypical.

Marcin actively participates in all fashion events in Poland (from FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland to the fashion shows of the best Polish designers – Dawid Woliński, Paprocki and Brzozowski duet, Robert Kupisz or Ewa Minge). As a blogger, he actively cooperates with numerous fashion and cosmetic brands and photographs thanks to which he may share his ways for stylings with his readers. Marcin loves the style of Anja Rubik, Doda, Margaret and Maffashion. He also traces fashion actions of the foreign stars, especially Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.