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Port Łódź

The unique thing about Super-Pharm is that it takes a holistic approach to its customers’ needs. It is the only place where you can get universal help in caring for your health, beauty and wellness. As soon as the first Super-Pharm store opened in our market back in 2001, the meaning of the term ‘pharmacy’ started to evolve. The authors of the drugstore formula attracted Polish customers with an offer which comprised both pharmaceutical and skin care products. The rapid development of the Super-Pharm chain confirmed they followed the right trend. 
Super-Pharm is also the place to come for expert advice on medicines and skin care products. Professional and highly qualified staff help you choose the products which will work best for you as well as offer consultations on health, beauty and wellness-related issues


Apteka Super-Pharm
Port Łódź
ul. Pabianicka 245
93-457 Łódź


tel: 42 203 72 10