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Port Łódź

Who are pizza friends?

In 2013, the Da Grasso pizza franchise has undergone a truly revolutionary change. Rebranding and a new communication strategy have resulted in a new slogan: Pizza friends. However, these two words are not revolutionary, as they are an effect of Da Grasso’s long-term attitude towards work and customers. 

Da Grasso has been created “by friends and for friends.” Since the very beginning (late 1990s), the aim of the network was to provide a place where a group of friends could spend some time together and eat well. This idea has evolved and Da Grasso now aims to enrich meetings of friends not only in a pizza restaurant, but anywhere they wish to strengthen their relations by having a meal together – at home, at work, at a party. 

It is a group of friends who will deliver tasty pizza anywhere and anytime, because for them Clients are not just buyers, but friends. Da Grasso is a brand for you. With them, you get delicious food and a great time, too. You can definitely call them your Pizza Friends! 


Da Grasso
Centrum Handlowe Port Łódź
93-457 Łódź
ul. Pabianicka 245

tel: 42 298 13 01