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Port Łódź

The company was founded in 1990. We are the second tour operator in Poland. Consistently for 26 years to all lovers of traveling we show the true face of Europe and the World. The strongest side of our company are the people. Pilots and residents - the best on the market - and the staff of customer service offices, call center, marketing and other departments - all stand out not only knowledge and experience coming from many years of practice. First of all, we love what we do and we love to travel - to ensure the satisfaction of a successful vacation personally visit all the places that are on offer. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, which is a nationwide organization of local tourism industry. In 2010, we joined the program Reliable Company. We provide a range of information to demonstrate our credibility. We can also boast of being one of the founders of the Polish Association of Tour Operators. We have one of the highest insurance guarantees among tour operators in Poland, with a value of 130.3 billion zloty.



Port Łódź
ul. Pabianicka 245
93-457 Łódź

Tel: 42 298 10 20

Fax: 42 298 10 30